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Our partnership with Cloudflare's global edge security ensures your website will remain secure by blocking against the most common types of attacks.

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Cloudflare is a cloud-based global network built to make everything you connect to the Internet fast, secure,  private, and reliable. Its advanced security, internet applications, and APIs help secure websites and protect you, your networks, and employees.

Due to increased security measures across the web, SSL certificates have now become the standard for displaying your website is secure to keep users data safe. It is highly recommended by Google, and other major browsers. 

It stands for distributed denial of service and refers to attacks on different layers of the network including the network, application, and transport layers. Attacks are more prevalent now on the highest layer–the application level–making it more important to maintain security on all layers.
We are partnered with WP-Engine–the top hosting platform for WordPress sites. Our servers are maintained 24/7 by a team of WordPress experts.
Our team will be monitoring your website regularly. If you do happen to have an issue that we haven’t already taken care of, simply reach out to our team by phone or email for 24/7 support.
In the unlikely event that your site happens to be under malware attack on our server, we will clean it up for free!
We provide global edge security, daily backups, SSL certificates, dedicated support, and much more! While many of the other well known hosting companies offer cheaper plans, they often fall prey to malicious attacks and spam. Our plans are geared towards both performance and security.

We provide a Let’s Encrypt certificate that offers free domain-validation (DV) and is ideal for almost every  website. If you do happen to need something different we can help with that too!